About Us

Gardens By Jemma is a Brisbane-based boutique gardening business. We’ve been transforming gardens and outdoor areas for over 30 years, so our team of expert horticulturalists and gardeners are seasoned professionals when it comes to quality garden design and maintenance.

We’re inspired by your unique lifestyle, working to create beautiful and functional outdoor spaces that add value to your property and – more importantly – bring you endless enjoyment.

How do we do it? We dig a little deeper.

You want to revamp your garden. Great! Now let’s dig a little deeper. 

What do you need it for? And why?

We’ll start the process by asking you lots of questions and exploring your outdoor space through your eyes. By getting to the crux of what you need, we can avoid the disappointment of your garden not turning out the way you’d hoped. 

We’ll explore important details like:

  • What will make you want to spend some time outside?

  • How much maintenance effort are you willing to put in?

  • How is your life likely to change in the next few years?

  • How long are you planning to live here?

  • What are your goals?

  • What else is going on in your life?

  • Who is going to use this space?

  • Do you have pets or kids?

Once we understand exactly what your vision is, we can advise on the best way to bring it to life.