Top 3 Plants For Privacy

A common request I get from clients is how to screen out neighbours for privacy. This is a process which needs to be considerate of both parties for the best result. Personally, as my garden is my special space, my preference is to see no fences visible so that when I come home I am entering my garden. When thinking about screening you must also consider the maintenance and access.

Whilst the final decision will come down to the area and theme under review,  three top plants I like for screening include:

  1. Elaeocarpus Eumundii: This is an excellent screening plant which develops a beautiful shape with lovely strong coloured foliage. It requires no hedging and has very little leaf drop, only in some extreme heat situations. One thing to consider when selecting this plant is that it requires space when planting out.They are ideal, but you need the space to show off their beauty.
  2. Radamachere Summerscent: This is an old favourite of mine and has started to make a return on a few of the growers stocks lists. It too has beautiful foliage which is more lime green and develops a lovely cluster of pale pink and cream scented flowers. It is an ideal screening specimen as it too has little to no foliage drop. The benefit of using this plant is that it does not require hedging, however it does require space when planting out.
  3. Syzigium Resilience: This is an ideal hedging Lillypilly for around the pool and is very pest resistant. Out of the Lillipilly family, this specimen holds density well, shapes beautifully and has a soft, lime green foliage.