New Year, New Garden?

With the New Year we often see resolutions for personal growth whether that be a gym membership, eating habits and/or career choices. In my line of work this time of year also brings with it reflection on the home and garden, in particular looking at the use of space and addressing pain points.


Most often this requirement comes as a result of a change in family dynamics. A new addition to the family might bring with it the need for a beautiful, shaded space filled with fragrance and colour for the parents and newborn to relax in. Or the little ones might have learned to run in which case it is time to create some space for them to expend that energy! In some situations, the children might have left the nest in which case it’s time for change perhaps to create the perfect space for entertaining.


During this time of reflection, people will often make the decision to address a pain point which has been bugging them for some time. Whether it be a lack of colour, plants which are struggling and need to be replaced or addressing that tree which is blocking sunlight from the home.

Whatever the need or reason for change, the following are some questions to be asked:

  • What is your time frame for change?
  • Do you want to watch the garden grow through the seasons?
  • Are you planning to sell? If yes, what price point are you going for and which market do you wish to attract?
  • What is your budget?

The answers to these questions, as well as reflection on the underlying need will determine the solution we offer to ensure you end up with a space which you thoroughly love.